Once upon the time…

He hadn’t had the heart to tell her that he didn’t find that inviting. He didn’t like the lack of human contact in that type of setting. He enjoyed the interaction involved in placing an order.

The Time of Chaos

Keith turned to look at the couple who stood with their arms around each other. “Well, sir, these are my folks. John, my dad and my mother, Emily.” He was still shocked at the unexpected surprise. “Mom, Dad… I’d like you to meet the President.”.
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The country’s First Lady, was fondly remembering the days when her children were young.


“Only that the First Lady isn’t really supposed to be folding baby clothes.” Gina smiled.


“Rafe! Rafe! Oh, my God Rafe! Please! No! Please.”


Keith’s expression shifted from a teasing one to a serious frown.

Mr. President

“It’s a pleasure, Mr. President… er… Rafe” John had a wide smile plastered on his face.


“Yes, yes… such a lovely young woman,” Emily remarked.


She stood watching him spend seconds trying to get his hands on the phone.


Elias B. Woodworth, Prime Minister. A framed magazine cover hung close to the picture with the children.


Her little boy’s life was in that man’s hands.


“Do what you must. But Dalton must be dealt with as soon as possible.” And with those final words, Abdul Aleem ended the call.


Clara watched Jordan whisper back to the aide who nodded somberly.


“Are you asleep, Mom?” Brice asked


“There are six casualties so far,” the Secretary of State, Robin Carnegie, reported.


“We understand, Mr. President,” Robert Harrington, the Secretary of Homeland Security, spoke out.


He was known in the Western world by a different name, but to the Brotherhood, he was Abdul Aleem.


Bakirin was going to flush that American pig out.


Fahid gave the order to their troops who stood at the door.


Clara sat with her daughter Cheyenne in the middle of the living room of the safe house hidden in the mountains.


Jason Cuthbert served in the Navy for twenty years before going into politics.


Rafe nodded at the well-built young man that Keith had left in charge. “Lance, right?” He smiled


The monk smiled at Rafe, who finally understood. “And David did beat Goliath,” Rafe agreed.

Santa Claus Ari

“We are right on schedule, Santa Claus Ari, sir!”


Anna looked down at the list of places where they would be delivering gifts the following day.


He prayed that he could convince Amrit to join him.

Mr. O’Connor

“Mr. O’Connor, sir. Welcome home!”

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A Story About.

Rule & Order

Smartphones were not abolished, but stricter government policies were set in place. Security became the utmost importance.


When the building on the screen exploded, the entire room cheered. There were no tears for this target.


“Well, the weather here has been a bit crazy. Why don’t you try reaching them on the radio?” Ari replied with an uncharacteristic frown.

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