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Zawiya stood in the shadows as she watched the debauched overweight man lean back in his chair and close his eyes. His pale pudgy hands reached out for his smartphone that was lying on a table nearby. She saw him frown as he realized it was out of his reach.
She stood watching him spend seconds trying to get his hands on the phone. But even such a minor physical exertion seemed too much for him. She saw how quickly sweat formed on his brows. He was also now short of breath, which is why she barely heard him call out to her.
She reluctantly left the comfort of the shadows and walked over to where the man sat. She knew what she had been called for, so she was quick to get it done. She didn’t want to be close to him longer than necessary.
His hand brushed hers when she gave him his phone. He leered at her as she quickly backed away. She returned to the safety of the shadows in the corner. She looked around the room and resisted the urge to spit as she saw the pictures and awards that decorated the wall.
He was a pig…a two-faced pig. To the outside world, he was a man of the people. But within the walls of his home, he was a monster.
In one of the pictures, that vile man was surrounded by children clutching flowers. They were all smiling. If those little kids knew the real him, they would run away crying. Parents would probably shoot him down.
Elias B. Woodworth, Prime Minister. A framed magazine cover hung close to the picture with the children. That really should say Prime Monster, Zawiya thought.
Elias B. Woodworth had touched people’s lives, the magazine proclaimed. If only they knew what else he’d touched. Zawiya had stood helpless as that pig ruined the lives of young boys and girls. She had been the one to lead them to him like sacrificial lambs.
She had no choice. She had to watch out for her son Aabid. Her little boy’s life was in that man’s hands.
But she was no longer as helpless as she was before. The life that she had protected through her silence and obedience had been taken away. Zawiya hurriedly brushed off the tear that rolled down her cheek. Aabid was with Allah now, and the Brotherhood would help her get her revenge.
She turned her attention towards the lumpy figure who sat in that chair.
Elias was excited to try out the new technology he had received a couple of hours ago. The woman who had brought it to him said that it feels as good as sex. And on days like that when his body craved release, and there were no little ones to play with, this program would have to do.
He leaned back and prepared to have his mind blown away. That was what that woman had said… he could fuck his brains out without having to move a muscle. He held his phone in his right hand and murmured, “Commence!”
He grinned as he felt a tingling feeling travel down his spine. He clenched his pudgy thighs as the blood rushed to his private parts. In a matter of seconds, he was harder that he’d ever been since he was a young man. With his eyes closed, he felt his body shudder as it did when he lay with his playthings. He could see the young face of a little girl with long blonde hair.
He was losing himself in the sensations when he felt a tingling pain at the back of his head. It started so suddenly that he was taken by surprise. The pain grew in intensity until it felt like blades were stabbing through his skull.
He opened his mouth to scream, but even before he could take a deep breath, he felt his entire body go numb. He couldn’t open his eyes, but he could hear someone moving about the room. “Zawiya” He called out, but there was no response. He said her name a few more times before he realized that his mouth was not moving.
He felt a breath close to his ears. Someone was whispering to him. “Goodbye, Mr. Prime Minister.” And then he knew no more.
Zawiya stood over the dying man. It was done. One less monster to worry about.
The Brotherhood would be pleased to hear that the program worked as well as they had hoped. She took a deep breath and let out a blood curling scream. It was time to let other people know of the death of their Prime Minister.