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The plane landed at the secret airstrip where Rafe’s journey had begun. Surprisingly, the Brotherhood had not been able to find it. After they had said their farewells to the men in the red coats, Keith and Rafe got down to business.
They got on the radio and soon troops who were hiding nearby had arrived at the hangar. The plan was in motion. The first part was to free the prisoners who were at the base just outside of DC.
A surveillance of the location had been done so they knew how the security worked. Despite being under the control of the Brotherhood, the terrorist group had relied on technology to keep everyone imprisoned. There weren’t a lot of Brotherhood soldiers at the base.
It was agreed, despite Keith’s protest, that Rafe would lead the team to free the soldiers while Keith and the rest of the men would sneak back to a warehouse in the Capitol where the weapons were being kept. They had to do everything simultaneously before the Brotherhood could detonate even more smartphones.
“The Brotherhood’s leader, Abdul Aleem, is not on American soil,” one of the soldiers reported. “Rumors are flying around that he is in France. I’ve also heard some interesting things about this man.”
There were four of them in the room discussing the plans. The soldier who had spoken was Captain Scott Laurie. He had been detained at the base but had managed to escape with some other troops.
While he had been imprisoned, he heard a lot of useful information from his captors who had freely spoken in front of him. How were they to know that the blond and blue-eyed soldier spoke Arabic fluently?
“While he claims to be doing everything for Allah, some of the Brotherhood members don’t believe he has converted to Islam. They said he only knew snippets of the Quran,” Captain Laurie continued. “He is not Arabic, though he claims his mother was. But the members who had questioned the wealth he was moving into secret safe houses were executed.”
Rafe listened quietly to the information the captain was relaying.
“Only a handful of the members have seen Abdul. The terrorists I heard talking said that whenever Abdul spoke to them, he either wore a mask or stayed in the shadows where his face could not be seen.”
“Coward!” Keith spat out.
“We finish Bakirin, and then we go after Abdul,” Rafe said in a quiet but determined voice. He turned and nodded to Keith.
“Once we cut the power at the Capitol, Bakirin will not be able to have access to any smartphones to cause more damage. He will also not be able to get in touch with Abdul Aleem,” Keith recounted the plan.
“And when the prisoners are free and the weapons acquired, we take the Pentagon back. We can then trace where Abdul is hiding… and destroy him,” Rafe concluded.
The next couple of hours was spent on ensuring that they all had what they needed for their counter attack. And right before they left the hangar for their missions, Rafe addressed everybody.
“This is not a religious war, nor is it about race, gender or even a difference in politics. It is a war that stems from the greed of one man. This man is using the suffering of others for his own benefit. He is counting on the oppression, others have experienced so he can trick them into fighting for his cause. This is not a war against Christianity, Islam or any other belief. It is a war against humanity and the goodness in people.” He spoke with firm determination. “Tonight, we go out there for our families, for our friends… for our country. We are Americans… and we are not going to cower in fear… we are not going to let them take our freedom away!”
Everybody cheered as he ended his speech. They may have been caught by surprise when they were attacked at G-Time, but now it was payback time. It was their turn to show those terrorists what ‘land of the free and the home of the brave’ really meant.