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Keith Preston had just finished a meeting with the other secret service agents. He had relayed the plan that he, Jordan and the President had agreed on. An irritated look came over his face as he thought of the older man’s decision to leave.
He admired the President a great deal, but the man’s stubbornness made him want to hit the old man on the head at times. But of course, that would be considered treason.
The funeral was scheduled on the 5th of December, and it was exactly five days away. It wasn’t enough time to plan everything they needed to prepare for.
But the President could not be reasoned with. Even the First Lady had shown him unusual support despite the dangerous situation. That man’s courage was admirable, but foolish as well.
They all had jobs to do, and Keith’s was to make sure that great man was protected. He frowned as he turned on the TV. There had been no more reported deaths in the last 24 hours, but he knew that was not something to be relieved about. Whoever was behind the suspicious deaths was just biding his time. He paced the room as he listened to the newscasters discuss the state funerals.
Keith walked over to the desk where he had thrown the intelligence reports earlier. There were copies of the investigations done by the local governments of the victims. He had been poring over the reports for days, but he still could not find a pattern.
He flipped through the pages again and took out photographs of the scenes where the victims were found. He looked over each one, and like everybody else, he did not see anything off.
The British Prime Minister’s room seemed quite ordinary. The walls were decorated with awards and the furnishings, while appearing very expensive, did not really look out of place.
The Prince of Dubai was found in a changing room. None of the elements in that scene matched anything in Woodworth’s room. Keith moved on to the Argentinean President who collapsed while having breakfast. Again, there were different elements in the scene.
His gaze settled on the food on the breakfast table in the picture. He immediately checked the other pictures for any other food items. What if?
There may not be any in the pictures, but what if they had been poisoned? And whatever the poison was, the effects may have varied depending on the victim’s age and health condition.
Maybe that was why the Prince of Dubai had been able to get as far as the clothing store?
He picked up his phone and hurriedly called up Jordan. The first thing he needed to do was make sure the White House kitchen was inspected. Then he would investigate further.
His call was answered on the first ring. “Jordan, we need to talk.”