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Zawiya watched the tall, dark man in front of her and wondered at his stoic expression. The Brotherhood’s plan was being carried out as planned.
The first phase had been to test out how dependent people were on their phones. They had scrambled maps and application signals which caused accidents. As soon as that was done, the next step was to instill terror in the nations of the world by slowly killing off their leaders.
Everyone was in the dark as to what was causing the deaths. Zawiya had been held for questioning after the Prime Minister’s death, but there had been no trace of foul play. The government officials didn’t suspect that the lowly servant woman could have done anything to cause the stroke. All she did was watch and make sure the Prime Minister had the phone the moment the fatal program was detonated.
After that, everything had gone smoothly. The other casualties had foolishly believed that they were safe in their homes or places they were familiar with. But they had been wrong. The Brotherhood of the Crescent Moon could get to any corner of the earth.
Zawiya felt fortunate as she sat with the Brotherhood’s most trusted members. She was one of the chosen ones. She was just like the White Widow she’d read about when she was a child. The English Rose who did as Allah bid.
She kept her gaze on the man who opened her eyes to the wisdom of Allah. He was known in the Western world by a different name, but to the Brotherhood, he was Abdul Aleem.
The dark man looked almost like an apparition as he spoke to the chosen ones. While all the members of the Brotherhood knew of him, only a few had actually seen him. He was a myth…a legend among the warriors of their faith.
“Dear sister,” Abdul turned to look at Zawiya who sat in awe at the man who saved her life. “You, who once lay at the mercy of an unworthy master, have served this brotherhood well. You have avenged your son’s death. I offer you the freedom to choose a husband.”
Zawiya beamed as she heard the great honor that had been given to her. Women of her kind were not often allowed to choose a husband. And one like her who had lain with a Western man was often cast out or stoned. But Abdul Aleem was merciful.
“Today we strike down the infidels in the west. The American President falls as I speak,” he announced to the room. “Our brothers in the American Capitol are ready to lay siege to the White House. Washington DC has fallen to the Brotherhood!”
A loud cheer broke out as everybody heard the triumphant news. Zawiya cheered and shouted as loudly as the others in the room. They were now all worthy of being in Paradise as the holy book said.
“The oppressors will now know how it feels to be on the other side. Their useless and sinful ways have come to an end. Before this week is over, the entire world will know the wrath of the Brotherhood!”
Abdul Aleem looked at the faces around him and smiled. It was a good day indeed.