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Keith, Rafe and a couple Secret Service agents crouched down behind a desk as they heard gunshots ringing out. The other Secret Service agents were certainly putting up a fight. Protect the President at all costs.
Keith looked around them and saw bodies of people he knew scattered everywhere. Other phones had been detonated in the building, causing the massive bloodshed. He had to get Rafe out.
He looked over at the two other men with them and nodded. They knew without having to be told that the President could not stay hidden much longer in the White House.
The two agents stood up and prepared to cause a diversion so the disguised pair could escape. Both men nodded to their President and ran out the room.
As soon as Keith heard the exchange of gunfire in the direction the men had gone, he hurriedly ushered Rafe out the room. They picked through the debris, making sure they were concealed from anybody who might look down the hallway.
They were able to make their way down to ground level without any trouble. Keith was hoping their luck would hold when they ran into three armed men. He could feel Rafe preparing to attack when one of the terrorists scoffed. “Servants. Don’t waste your bullets.” The man had a wide burn scar on the right side of his face. “Thank Allah that you have been liberated from your masters!”
A much younger man stepped forward. He looked more scared than fierce, but put on a brave show by nudging their shoulders with his assault rifle. The gun was a modified EF-88, something that Keith had not seen before. But one thing he knew for sure, bullets would come flying out if that terrified boy’s shaking finger touched the trigger.
“Thank you!” Keith murmured. He felt Rafe’s body go stiff, but the other man remained silent.
“Go!” It was the younger man who gave the order with an arrogant grin.
The two men were able to leave through a side entrance normally used for deliveries. Keith knew of a passage that would lead them to a shed where the Secret Service kept a bulletproof vehicle for emergencies.
Rafe looked out the window and clenched his jaw. He had escaped like a coward while men and women died protecting him. He had wanted to stay and fight.
“If you fall, the entire country falls,” Keith remarked.
He knew the man was right, but it still did not feel like the right thing to do.
“We will rendezvous with the First Lady at the airstrip,” Keith explained. Rafe knew which airstrip the younger man was talking about. When he came into office earlier that year, he had been shown the secret airstrip that had been built by the previous administration.
The hangar at that airstrip kept a fleet of planes that were to be used to fly the President and his family to safety in case of an attack on the Capitol. The area was protected, and the land title had been put under the name of a private citizen so terrorists would not be aware that it was government property.
The airstrip was under an hour away from the White House, located in one of the rural areas of Maryland. But the drive that day seemed to take hours to Rafe. He felt like a coiled spring as he watched for the familiar red hangar that was made to look like an abandoned warehouse.
The car drove through the gates of the property as a hidden sensor detected it was a friendly vehicle. Rafe waited impatiently as the doors of the hangar slid open automatically.
Before the car came to a complete halt, he jumped out and started running towards a familiar figure surrounded by men dressed in black suits.
“Clara!” He hugged her tightly. Keith had told him she had been safely taken from the White House, but he had been afraid that something may have gone wrong. Finally seeing her was like a weight being lifted off his shoulders.
“Rafe! Oh, my god! I thought…I saw the door of the bedroom…I thought you were-” Clara buried her head in his chest. She burst into tears that were both from relief and fear.
“The children?” Rafe looked at Keith, who had finally gotten out of the car. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Jordan walking towards them. She had a reassuring smile on her face.
“Brice and Noel are on route to Montana. We have a safe house there that’s deep in the mountains. The location is only known to very few. Cheyenne and the baby have also been picked up and are being transported there.”
“And Steve?” Clara looked up as the news of her children was being relayed.
Jordan’s smile vanished as she replied, “We’re sorry ma’am. He was on his phone when it was detonated. Cheyenne and the baby were in another room when it happened.”
“Oh, my poor…my darling girl.” Clara broke down.