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The Time of Chaos

People cannot survive a single day without using a smartphone, as it helps in every aspect of life including mapping, calendars, learning and much more! With the benefit of wireless and satellite technologies, batteries can be charged with no wire; apps can be installed remotely by a third-party. Many mobile apps replace human relationships and satisfaction. As smartphones are becoming so wise and wireless, it can be a simple object for hackers and terrorists to turn it into a bomb! The White House is the first target of attack because smartphones can provide remote access and can be turned into capable weapons. By setting multiple explosion points, terrorists are able to murder the next American president and have full control all over the White House. During the G-time, Mr. President does not carry his phone as he visits his washroom. Suddenly, there is an attack; he and his team are disguised and slip away to a secret area on the Himalayan peaks. The terrorists take control of the US later. Europe cannot help either as it is still under chaos and therefore Mr. President and his team flee to Santa Claus village in the North Pole where the terrorists are not interested because of the extremely harsh weather. Radio signals are sent from Mr. President back to the US. Per the plan, Christmas is brought to his team along with Santa Claus suits; they pretend to deliver gifts while traveling back to the US and beat the bombers who took over the White House. The terrorists are wiped out and the world is now in safe hands, and only the US has suffered heavily after the attack.

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Format: Audio Version

Author: Camtu Suhonen

Genre: Adventure

Price: $3.40 $2.50